17 Apr 2014

An overnighter in the Belgian Ardennes

Microadventures, S24O, and other terms have been coined lately to describe a small adventure that takes no more than 24 hours. Some fair weather, a car and a hiking map was enough to get us going for a small overnighter in the Belgian Ardennes.

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30 Oct 2013

Corsica: the GR 20 from Calenzana to Vizzavona

This will be a post about our holiday we spent in Corsica. I will share some pics of the beautiful landscape and tell a bit about our hike and days on the trail.
  • Part one will be about our hike.
  • Part two will tell a bit about the second part of our journey
  • Part three will feature an overview of the Bergeries (huts) we did and what accomodation they have. This is to help other hikers to plan their trip a bit. We've found that it was hard finding good and thrustworthy sources on this trek, so consider this a small help.

27 Jul 2013

The Ardennes, a Hot Place for Romance

A trip report of a July hike along the GR 577, from Marche-en-Famenne to Wellin
July 19 - July 21

I would like to share some photos with you of my latest trip to the Ardennes with my girlfriend. We went there to celebrate that we've been together for 5 years. So that's the romantic part ;)
It was mostly around or over 30° C which makes it a hot place but an ideal preperation for the GR 20 later on this summer.

Day 2 morning

28 May 2013

First Look: OMM Sonic Smock

When you are reading this text, my wind jacket is probably on its way back to England. A Small was too - well - small for me so I will exchange it for a Medium. But please, let's get on with the First Look.

OMM sonic smock

26 Feb 2013

First Look: Eastpak Kruizer Velow Messenger Bag

Not all reviews or in this case, a first look, have to revolve around hiking gear in my opinion. And since this is my blog I can do whatever the heck I like :p .
I do a lot of biking to get to places or just for the sport of it and hence I thought I'd share my first look on my newly acquired Eastpak Kruizer Velow, a whole mouthful.

Eastpak Kruizer on my back

10 Jan 2013

Extremities Inferno Mitt, a short term review

I always have cold hands, whether it's summer and 20°C, when I shake hands with someone, they are always surprised of the cold touch. Now it's winter and when temps sometimes drop to a mild -3°C (although we've been having 6° to 10°C lately!) I like something a bit warmer than fine windproof liners.

In comes the Inferno Mitt from Extremities, and I have been them for some time in when it was cold in November/beginning December. So let's see how they performed so far and I'll keep you updated.

Extremities Inferno Mitts

27 Nov 2012

Gear Review: Light windproof gloves from 'den Aldi'

It's time to write about a pair of gloves that's been my trusty companions for over 3 years.
The Windproof Upper
I believe that so many years of use deserve a review, even when they're not from a brand but were bought from Aldi. Sometimes, they sell something usable there, really!

Alright, time to hit the specs and what I think of them, go and read on...