28 Jul 2014

An overnighter on the Eisleck Trail

We had a long&leasure weekend, what better way to spend it than walking a part of a trail which was brought to my attention by Dzjow and Hendrik.

The markings of the Eisleck trail: little waves.

So we did a really short piece of the Eisleck trail in northern Luxemburg. We wanted to visit the capital too in the same weekend but we were really glad to spend the at least one day in the nature of Luxemburg. The scenery reminded us of the Ardennes but with the trend to openness and panoramas of Germany.

I'll post some pictures as not much words are needed for an overnighter.
The Schüttburgcastle (°1406)
It was afternoon when we got to the parking at the railway station of Kautenbach. We were already greeted by the first markings and so we walked on through the tiny village.
As it was cloudy but quite hot, the first hills also meant the first drops of sweat, but we enjoyed the hike, which does warm you up in the first 10 minutes.

Some panoramas appear through the forest.

We hiked on till around half past seven that evening, we didn't encounter much rain, it drizzled lightly for half an hour and that was about it.


Right after the camping, you encounter some more forest.

Another view, this time you can see where we camped. Right next to that green tree on the hill.

We climbed up the hill where we spotted a nice camping place on top of a hill.

Cloudy skies.

On top of the hill

Cat Can stove ready for action, on an ergonomic height.

Lovely spot to wake up.
Dyneema bonus pic for all you cord fans.
The train to take us back to Kautenbach.

I highly recommend taking the train, the Eisleck trail is full of railway stations and they ride on time. One ticket (for 2 hours) is €2 per person, so that's really cheap.
As I cannot really have a complete impression from such a short trip, I did enjoy the hike. The scenery was calm and quiet. The roads were good, apart from some fallen over trees but that's a detail. The hills are spicy and I think this trail has potential as a good training for hilly hikes.

Thanks for reading!

More info: trekkings.be/escapardenne (Dutch).

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