24 Jun 2012


Hello and welcome to my new blog!

Before I start off telling you how I started to blog, I shall explain the mission and main subject of this blog (sounds serious, no?).
I will try to write good, objective and critical reviews about light gear used for outdoor activities, also I will post trip reports and hikes here that are worth mentioning. Furthermore I will use this blog just to inform everyone what we are doing or what's new.
I say 'we' because this is a shared blog, but don't expect lots of writings of my significant other ;), the blog was mainly my idea.

So how did I start to write?
Well, I have been following the UL-community for about a year now and I love how everyone is sharing their thoughts and opinions about gear, trips and sharing tips. A blog is almost the perfect tool to do this. But I'm more of a reader/listener than a writer/talker.
However, when I came across Hendrik's blog, I started to become interested in going to Finland during the summer vacation, it was going to be the first backpacking trip with my girlfriend and with a low cost aviation company having an airport nearby, it seemed a perfect destination.

Who better to ask for tips than Hendrik? I sent him some mails and he answered them all, taking time to check things, look stuff up and answering me. I appreciate that he did this, considering he is quite the busy man. If only I could thank him... and the came this:
No pressure there whatsoever eh?
So that was the primary reason for this blog, to write about the trip to the Pirkan Taival trail in Finland. Ofcourse, being inspired by so many different blogs on the subject (check the Blog List out if you need some fine examples), I started pondering what I could use it for.

So in came the idea of sharing my vision on the UL philosophy with the community, talking about gear and reviewing it, writing about trips and also asking for tips.

That's about it, that's all I wanted to say in this first message.
I hope I can keep this blog updated but that is easier said than done and I do not expect to achieve the quality like Hendrik or Basti do. I will, however, do my very best and when I start working (=get paid), one of the first things that's on my to-buy list is a proper DSLR, so I can at least deliver some nice pictures to you, dear reader.
(Photography has always been a great passion, at the age of 14 I bought a nice Nikon F 55 and enjoyed it so much, I plan on refinding that joy once again.)


  1. Hey Sam,

    Just stumbled across your blog and I'm really looking forward to some interesting articles! Wish you all the best for your blog and your quest of becoming lighter.
    Maybe sometime we'll meet on the trail.


    1. Thank you very much! And who knows whether our paths will ever cross, Germany is not that far at all.