31 Jul 2012

UL Gear for Tour Du Mont Blanc

As promised on Twitter I visited my friend and ofcourse had a chat about the gear he bought for his trip to the Mont Blanc.

I've known Jonas some years now and he was the first one to bring up UL hiking, it is because of him that I know who Andrew Skurka and "den Dzjow" is and ever since we both admire their spirit and adventures. We've been on some trips together and he brings something new every time, I consider him a proper gearhead because of the frequency he updates his kit.
Jonas has also done some solo trips not far from home and the Tour du Mont Blanc was  his first big trip alone. But it's a good preparation because in september he's going to study in Rovaniemi until december, and when in Finland one has to go hiking. I'm trying to convince him to get a Twitter and/or a blog but he's just not that interested in being social online, which he compensates more than enough in real life (ask any bouncer in Ghent :D ).

"Enough with the intro, we're here for the gear!" I hear you, dear reader, and because you've managed to rhyme three times in one sentence I'll carry on to the gear part.

25 Jul 2012

Mammut Ultimate Hoody (2010 model) Review

This is my first review, and to be honest it is more of a writing exercise than helpful because it's the 2010 model and no longer for sale. There is an updated version of it which solves some of the few issues I've encountered.
Posing felt weird, so a weird face was allowed

I bought the Mammut Ultimate Hoody in 2010 I think in Ghent so I can say this is a long term review. It is my principle jacket from March to October, from 5°C to 20°C. It's been with me on many trips including the Ardennes in winter, wet Scotland and Finland. It keeps me warm and dry in bad weather and in summer it is light enough to wear over a T-shirt when temps go down or the wind picks up.

17 Jul 2012

A Million Biting Bugs - The tale of a Finland trek that became a city trip

I'm back home from Finland, landed in Frankfurt Hahn and drove all the way back to Belgium in pouring rain, what a summer it is.

Before you start reading expecting a report from a trek, I should warn you that this is only a minor report since we had to abort already on day 3 and got back to Tampere instead, the biting bugs were that bad (really!).

2 Jul 2012

I chose the wrong blog name

Hello everyone.
To start off with an apology: I know I don't write much, I had a lot more planned but things didn't get planned on time and with Finland eating away the minutes I did not achieve the number or frequency of posts I wished for.
So tomorrow me and my girlfriend are leaving to Germany, a short visit to my aunt there and the next morning we'll drive to Frankfurt Hahn to jump on an Irish low cost plane and fly to Tampere.

I am very excited about the trip and this blog post mainly has the goal to inform you of my absence and to let you know what will be here to read when I get back.

So why did I chose the wrong blog title, you ask? Because of this: