2 Jul 2012

I chose the wrong blog name

Hello everyone.
To start off with an apology: I know I don't write much, I had a lot more planned but things didn't get planned on time and with Finland eating away the minutes I did not achieve the number or frequency of posts I wished for.
So tomorrow me and my girlfriend are leaving to Germany, a short visit to my aunt there and the next morning we'll drive to Frankfurt Hahn to jump on an Irish low cost plane and fly to Tampere.

I am very excited about the trip and this blog post mainly has the goal to inform you of my absence and to let you know what will be here to read when I get back.

So why did I chose the wrong blog title, you ask? Because of this:

I know, just shoot me already!

That, dear reader, is a 15 kg heavy rucksack, it's is loaded with everything we need (tent, mats, cooking set, poles, some clothes). My girlfriend will also take her bag with her belongings and she says she's still got some space, thank God... Why do we need some more space? (reload that gun please)
Yep, that's food... Most will be in hand luggage I figure.
That bag contains 12 diners, lots of snacks, crisps, chocolate, and so on. I'll watch closely if we eat it all, which I doubt, so I can learn for future trips what and what not to take.

I still have a long way to go, if I want to go lighter. But do not get me wrong, I know where the problems are: My backpack weighs over 3kg, my sleeping bag is a winter bag that can handle -7°C (have to spend on a quilt). And the list goes on.

But when push comes to shove, I'm quite happy with this. I know it can only get lighter from here and I'm on the lookout for a job, a monthly income and few costs will make me able to spend on some lighter gear. And I have all the stuff for a wonderful time in Finland, it's the joy that counts!
The gear that's already light is my cat can stove and my Tarptent Squall 2. 
I'm still pondering to sell my backpack, I might just do it for a fair price...

I cannot leave without thanking Hendrik Morkel again, he helped me so much planning this trip. Taking time to answer my mails and settling my mind, I can be quite... detailed about a trip plan.

So what to expect when I get back:
A trip report, an overview of how the gear held up (especially the Squall 2) and a look at the gear my friend bought to walk the Trail Du Mont Blanc. He's pretty UL already so it'll be interesting to see what he's got for this solo trip in the Alps.

Dear reader, I hope to meet you next time, same Sam time, same Sam channel.
In the meantime: here's a packlist, suggestions are more than welcome
(I didn't bother to translate it, I made the list long before I started to blog, sorry!)

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