28 May 2013

First Look: OMM Sonic Smock

When you are reading this text, my wind jacket is probably on its way back to England. A Small was too - well - small for me so I will exchange it for a Medium. But please, let's get on with the First Look.

OMM sonic smock

The feel, fit and cut

It felt surprisingly soft against my skin. I expected the fabric to me more sticky, more like a suffocating foil. But it isn't, it's like a cotton tee, just made out of oil and a bit crinklier. No problems wearing this piece next to skin.
The fit is sporty, that means quite high on the hips and no bagginess. A small did come above my belt, so that's too short for me whereas the back was long enough. 

The high back was too tight for me, when I stretched both arms I felt the fabric was not going to go any further.
Obviously, the back

The collar, now that was a nice surprise. It's a snug fit to avoid heat loss and it was so high I could protect my neck up to were my jaw begins. Big credits for this move because too many mainstream manufacturers get away with a loose neck.

The sleeves are nice and tight around the arms (damn, I do like tight don't I?). The cuffs are elasticated and are not loose around the wrist. I cannot roll them up past my elbow.
But you can't have the one without the other, unless you have velcro.

There is no diamond gusset so it does creep up a bit when reaching up.

Overall the cut and fit is really good and I was surprised about how well it was designed.

Some details

Thumb loops are present and they are well cut. The sleeves are long enough to make it possible using them and they enclose your palm well.

Reflection is well integrated and not to flashy or striking in daylight. Just some dots on the sleeve, the logo's on the chest and lower back and Pertex branding on the right shoulder.

Thumb loops sonic smock
Thumb loops and reflection

Zipping it up is smooth.

Storing the jacket in the collar. It's a nice feat and it excludes the need for a stuff sack (oh God no, extra grams). There is also a little velcro patch keeping everything inside and the small pouch has the OMM reflective logo.

The draw cord only tightens the back and that's smart design: It saves weight (about half of a hem cord) and the front stays nice and flat.


Reflective Pertex branding
  • Fabric: Pertex Quantum fabric. Waterresistant DWR finish, 100% windproof and -so they say- very breathable.
  • Weight: A superlight 56 grams (with elastic). It even falls like a feather. 
  • Cost: I paid €68 and I found a Medium for €60. Bought it via Wiggle and I am content with their service.

getting the ol' Teraillon out again

Update: Medium size

The OMM sonic smock fit
The fit of a Medium

I received my Medium sized smock and the fit is way better. I can pull it on easier, The back doesn't feel like ripping when I stretch my arms forward and the front falls a bit lower.
I feared a medium would be to baggy and the arms too long but that is not the case. 

I did notices some differences: The collar does not have a velcro strip to keep the jacket in place. It is something I miss because it bulges out a bit. Also is the OMM logo missing on the collar. For nostalgia, I look at the photo Hendrik took of it (scroll down to the OMM booth).

Also the inner 'tag' is different. On the small smock the info was printed directly on the fabric. Here, it's printed on a tiny piece of plastic which is 'glued'/melted on the fabric. 

The weight: A medium weighs 63gram (+7 gram compared to an S). So it's still featherlight.

Size advice: I'm 178 cm tall (179 in the morning ;) and weigh on average 65 kg. I'm not broad built, heck not even athletic. A medium is my size here (I normally have a small).

Disclaimer: I bought the OMM Sonic Smock online with own funds. OMM nor Wiggle nor the nice guys of Might Contain Nuts endorsed or pushed me to write this.
All the opinions you've read are based on a quick fitting and no outdoor use.

Thank you for reading!


  1. so does it actually breath or not?

    1. Hi, it does breathe very well actually. Windjacks keep wind out maximally, shield from some wetness and breathe much more than a hardshell.