17 Apr 2014

An overnighter in the Belgian Ardennes

Microadventures, S24O, and other terms have been coined lately to describe a small adventure that takes no more than 24 hours. Some fair weather, a car and a hiking map was enough to get us going for a small overnighter in the Belgian Ardennes.

Read on..

Friday evening, back from work and into the hiking gear closet to grab all I need. I drive over to my girlfriend and we decide to leave on Saturday which gives us some time to sort out our gear and backpack.

It's a 2 hour drive to Falmignoul where we set up camp.
A little luxury, after all it is weekend
Perfect for an Easter Egg Hunt
A great way of cooking, the water boiled faster than ever. The beer bottles did crack though..

We had pasta 4 formaggi and soon enough it was could enough to dive in the sleeping bag. A synthetic bag this time, because it can be quite wet in the evening and mornings.

bright yellow dyneema
The next morning we walked back to the car to put all camping gear in the trunk and hiked on with a wee daypack. Only carrying some weather protection, food and water. Ready for the 16km hike.

Beautiful.. and lonely, but that's a good thing

Flowers, lots
Starting the descent to 'La Meuse' or Maas rivier
Still not worn out, still not minimalist, still astonishingly good
along the Maas
Break not far from Freyr, the Belgian climbing hotspot
Grey and green
We walked it under the described time and it was a very pretty walk with lots of climbs and descents. Perfect to get an idea of the Ardennes and indeed perfect for a microadventure.
We drove off to blue skies and sun, home.

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